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    This is a timetable probability I may do, however I’m only inquisitive for all you folks who took Pre-Calc and AP Calculus, is this feasible? I conversed with my instructor and she appeared to be to some degree uncertain. She said there’s solitary been a couple of children who have done that ever. I simply discover math fascinating, however I would prefer not to suicide my GPA. If it’s not too much trouble help. I’ve heard all we have to know for AP Calc is Trigonometric capacities like cos sin tan.

    Conceivable to take AP Calc while taking Pre-calc at the same time? What might I have to know with Pre-school homework activities?

    Following seven days of masochistic contemplating, i’ve chosen to drop AP-Calculus. My timetable would basically be excessively hard without defense. I will simply take analytics later on throughout everyday life. Much obliged to you to everybody who answered. I’ll be changing to either AP details or AP compsci, farewell people!

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